Our Services

For individuals who face various psychosocial concerns such as emotional difficulties, relationship related issues and work related problems.

Available for students and young adults, experiencing dilemmas in making decisions regarding educational streams and career choices.

Offered for emotional, behavioural, social and educational concerns and to support them in their age appropriate psycho-social development

Psychometric tests are assessment tools used to objectively measure an individual’s personality traits, aptitude, intelligence, abilities and behavioral style.

Offered as a specialised service for couples, who are about to undertake the journey of marriage.

Counselling is designed to help individuals and couples address medical, psychological, personal, or interpersonal factors impacting sexual satisfaction.

It is normal to experience anxiety in everyday situations, however persistent and excessive anxiety can cause more serious mental health problems.

Most of us suffer from some degree of anxiety when we prepare or sit for an examination.

Available for families with interpersonal, relational problems adjustment and sexual issues within their family dynamic.

Hypnosis is best described as a very deep state of relaxation. Hypnosis is a normal, natural, healthy state of mind.

It helps older adults live healthy, productive lives by improving their function and quality of life.

The excessive use of alcohol and Drugs can lead to Addection.

All young children can be naughty, defiant and impulsive from time to time, which is perfectly normal.

Thusharam identifies itself as an LGBTQ affirmative organization. Individual, couple and group counselling services are offered to interested members.