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Our Counselling Centre is one of the leading Counselling Centres in Kerala located at Irinjalakuda in Thrissur District. Our mission at the Counselling & Career Guidance Centre is to promote the mental health of all our students, to improve their quality of life and create a learning environment that facilitates their individual development through Counselling, Psychotherapy & Guidance.

Counselling is the process of enabling a person to make the right choices and decisions in life. Only in some conditions does counselling bring about quick, dramatic change. Usually, it takes some time. The counselling process works by forming of a unique, therapeutic relationship between the counselor and the client. A personal space of mutual trust is created where the client can share his or her concerns, in an accepting, non-judgmental, confidential environment. In such a space, the client feels genuinely listened to and thus is empowered to find solutions by getting in touch with his/her internal and external resources. Advice giving is not a part of counselling because solutions imposed from outside usually do not work as every person is unique and is a product of his/her unique circumstances.

A counsellor is an mediator of change, therapeutic and growth in a collaborative relationship with the client. . Counselling at Thusharam follows an integrative / eclectic approach, drawing from various schools of psychology to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. It is a skilled and scientific use of a professional relationship to facilitate personal growth and development.

Professional counselors are available to help, children, students, adolescents, parents, family & Geriatric populations. Counselors work through a wide variety of issues that the clients facing during their life experience.

Confidentiality : All counseling records are kept strictly confidential. Information is shared only with a person’s written permission.

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